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What I Wore- Naples

We had the best time in Florida. Really it was perfect timing as we all needed to get away as a family, recharge our batteries and just have fun. I’ve been struggling on and off this year with health issues ( story for another day) so if and when I can travel it’s such a gift that I don’t take for granted. Something about the beach….the fresh salty air on your skin, Vitamin D from the sun…I always feel so at peace. I’ve been craving warm weather and it was so fun to bring a few of my favorite pieces to sport on our trip. I’ve sourced them below so you can shop them too! You might have noticed on Instagram that I’ve joined RewardStyle. It’s a super easy platform if you sign up for it you can get emails sent directly to you of the items you “Like” on Instagram. If you are a member you can copy or paste the url (Looks something like this They also just launched a new feature where you can just screenshot an image (on Instagram)  + download the app and you can get view your “Liked” outfits all in one spot. It’s genius and makes online shopping a cinch! Still need help message me our comment below and I’ll walk you through it!




Dress | Dress Option 2 | Shoes


Top | Shorts | Shoes | Pom Pom Clutch

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Pom Pom Clutch

Scallop Top | Scallop Bottom | Hat


Top | Shorts



Dress  | Shoes



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