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I can’t tell you how happy I am to be in Florida right now. Before we left we were fully immersed in the winter doldrums. After Christmas I’d be perfectly happy to fast forward to Spring. January, February, March are not for the faint of heart. In the Midwest we can expect cloudy and sub-zero temps, with a side of a cold and flu.

Most days by 5pm it’s all too easy to pour a glass of red after getting the kids down and zone out into reality TV land. As Mom’s we tend to go into self-preservation mode, exhausted from another day of “momming so hard”. Whether you’re are a SAHM, working outside the home, a working part-time Mom, any way you dice it it’s the toughest job we’ll ever have, but the most rewarding.

Life can be stressful, especially in this season. Some days feel like the movie Groundhog Day. What helps me is to try and focus on what I can control. The mind, body, soul connection is real. Focusing on self-love helps me. Self-love defined to me is working toward finding that ideal balance between my mind, body, and soul.


On our honeymoon Jim signed us up for zip lining. I remember thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me, what is this Club Med?” I had no desire to leave our pool cabana and all-you-could drink Lava flows. Somehow, he got me there. When I was getting strapped into the harness to go over the cannon I wasn’t sure if I should get sick or pass out. I’ll never forget that feeling, floating over the tree tops with the most sensational view of Maui and Kanaapali Beach. I was free falling, in the moment, and I felt completely alive. What I’ve loved most about starting a blog is challenging myself again.

Try challenging yourself to learn something new. Whether it be the arts, physical activity, taking up a new skill, etc.  The options are endless and here some fun ideas I had: Rock climbing, pottery, drone photography, painting (Paint by Numbers, Oils, Abstract, Watercolor), Take a Home Depot workshop (who wouldn’t want to save and tile their own back splash)


I feel my best when I take care of myself. That includes what I eat along with regular exercise. Primarily lean protein, leafy greens and vegetables, but that also includes pizza with my family. Along with my primary care physician I see a Naturopathic doctor. Under their care I’ve found a complimentary balance. I see my Naturopath every three months and we check in weekly.

Keep yourself accountable. Writing down and sharing your goals helps to make them real. When I’m really good I use the app Lose It! To make sure I’m drinking enough water, and eating enough of the right foods. I also schedule when I’ll exercise during the week.  I find if I sign up for a workout class vs just going to the gym I push myself more.


I saved this one for last because it’s where I could use the most help with self-love.

Do everything with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

I saw this on a sign walking through our downtown before we left.  I was raised Unitarian, and still am. Faith is important to us and I know both Jim and I would like it to be more interwoven into our family life.


I hope sharing the above in some little way helps you. Motherhood is such an amazing community where we share in our struggles as well as our victories. We all can use a little self-love in our lives as we work toward finding that ideal balance between mind, body, and soul.





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