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A Fresh Start


The New Year is all about fresh starts. We’ve taken down all our holiday décor, and while I’m going to miss the beautiful glow of our Christmas trees at night, it makes our home feel so much more spacious now and clean - like we have a fresh start!

At the end of 2016, I started to feel like we were getting in a rut with dinner. I’ve always enjoyed preparing healthy dinners for our family but I found myself making the same thing every night: salmon or chicken, paired with either sweet potatoes or rice, and a side salad. Even I was getting bored. In speaking with my neighbor she mentioned they were using an online “meals at home” food delivery service.

Enter HelloFresh into our lives…I’ve been hooked ever sense!  HelloFresh has a team of chefs and an in-house dietitian who create tasty 30-minute meal options that make up the different Veggie Plan, Classic Plan, and Family Plan box options. All the pre-measured ingredients and recipes are boxed up and shipped right to you. They work with a handful of local suppliers, which I love because you have an idea where your food is coming from. Each recipe is simple to follow and is clearly labeled Nut Free, Dairy Free, or Gluten free, which is a must for us because my little guy is allergic to tree nuts.

We currently receive the Family Box (which include 3 meals each serving 4 people). In our last delivery, we received Honey Mustard Chicken with Baked Veggies, Sizzling Beef Stir-Fry over Jasmine Rice, and Shawarma-Spiced Pork with Couscous and Peas (YUMMMM!)

Today I made the Beef Stir-Fry, and it was amazing! I’ve never cooked with bok choy or ginger before and loved trying the new ingredients. It was a hit with the whole family, and we're all excited about what other new meals we might be trying soon with HelloFresh!

Am I making you jealous? HelloFresh is offering all my followers $35 off your first box! Just mention DCorrigan at checkout to receive the discount. AND I’ve teamed up with HelloFresh for an amazing GIVEAWAY! The GIVEAWAY includes two free weeks of Family Boxes, for a total value of around $160! Head on over to my Instagram page to enter.

Happy Cooking!









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