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5 Tips to get the Best Family Pics

We had the best time in Florida, it was so nice to get away as a family and recharge our batteries. After a long winter spent mostly indoors, we spent 95% of our time on the beach. The kids are at such a great age where we’ve moved beyond eating sand and can play while Jim and I can actually relax (for a bit). We haven’t gotten professional family photos done in a long time so our favorite spot, the beach, was the natural choice. I was sooo lucky to find our UBER talented photographer Faith. She was so sweet and patient just let us do our thing.

Planning a family photo session soon?

Here are my tips for getting the most out of the experience:

  1. Perfectly imperfect. The best moments are usually captured when you’re not looking at the camera, and are totally candid.  I used to be so particular about getting the perfect picture (matching outfits, forced smiles, the whole thing) – it made taking pictures stressful, which leads me to tip #2…
  2. Be relaxed, your kids pick up on your energy and if you’re stressed out trying to get the perfect picture it’s not going to work. Speaking from experience – I know especially if you’ve paid a photographer, it can be easy to stress about maximizing that time, but the best pictures will happen when you’re…
  3. Having fun! Especially with young kids, bring fun toys or props to keep them engaged, acting natural, and having a good time. When I photograph our family I love to catch them “in the act” of whatever they are doing. Those are the sweetest moments.
  4. Location, location, location. Pick a place that is meaningful to your family – whether that’s your front porch, your favorite park, or in our case, the beach. The pictures will have more sentimental value and will speak to who you are as a family.
  5. You can be your own photographer! Getting professional shots is always nice, but you can’t have personal paparazzi following you capturing those precious everyday moments. I’ve been enjoying taking my own pictures for the blog this last year, and I’m still learning. If you can afford to invest in a nice camera do (trust me it does make a difference) I use Canon EOS 6D and my favorite lens is the 50mm, and edit in Lightroom. However, there’s alot of times I don’t want to bring along my camera and just love using my phone. When I’m just using my phone, my favorite editing apps are VSCO, Facetune, Afterlight and Apple’s photo editing software is really nice, too.

Do you have any family photo tips to add to the list? I’d love to hear them – sound off in the comments below!



Special thank you to Faith Danielle Photography for the amazing photos




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    Joie Gahum
    September 27, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    So cute!! Have you tried using a external roadeavour lens for your phone?

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