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5 Easy Tips to Plan a Picnic

Summer is in full swing which means non-stop adventuring including trips to the park and beach.  From sun up until sun down we’ve been on the go which means these little people get hungry and so does Mom! I have to eat or I get hangry so I’m always prepared with a healthy snack or lunch for us that we can all enjoy together.

Here are my picnic essentials to make your experience a walk in the park

  1. Pick a new picnic spot each time- Explore local gems. We have a beautiful arboretum near our home, fun children’s zoo, countless nature preserves and parks. Variety is the spice of life friends, so take your littles on a new adventure.
  2. Don’t forget to pack your SPF and bug spray, and a comfy blanket too!
  3. On warm summer days perishable food can safely be left our for an hour before it goes bad. We usually eat then play/explore. If you are traveling far forgo the picnic basket for a handy dandy portable cooler.
  4. When picnicing with littles pack easy food everyone can enjoy. My g0-to foods are grapes, cheese, crackers, apples, almond butter (my favorite is Barney Butter), and carrots. For my food allergy friends Barney Butter is peanut allergy safe, and tastes soooo good I eat it by the spoonfuls. 
  5. Don’t forget to hydrate and bring tons of H20. Feeling fancy? Add frozen fruit like strawberries or rasberries to your water for natural flavored water.

Happy Picnicing!



P.S. Local friends I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below. Where do you enjoying haveing a picnic? We are always looking for new spots!

This post was sponsored by Barney Butter, but the opinions are all mine. Thank you for supporting our partners!






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